Industrial Gas Distribution

CONCOA continues to develop new products and improving existing technologies. We employ targeted technicians who enable us to provide our own and patented advanced systems like IntelliSwitch Series ™ auto-switching and specialized solutions based made specifically for laser and cryogenic applications. Concoa Commitment to quality engineering has led its products the most reliable and economical devices in the industry.


Product Instructions/ADIs
1. Preface
Designing a Cryogenic System  
Designing a Gas Blending System  
Designing an NFPA-51 Gas Delivery Solution  
2. Gas Blending Systems
657 Series Blendmaster 1750 ADI3186
655 Series Oxygen Blendmaster ADI1909 ADI9905
652 Series/Blendmaster 1000 ADI1909 ADI3186
650 Series AutoBlend ADI3214
9600 Series Continuous CO2 Analyzer N/A
9300 Series Multi-Gas Analyzer N/A
3. Gas Switchover Systems
642 Series IntelliSwitch II™ ADI9515 ADI9514
640 Series IntelliSwitch™ ADI9501 ADI9503
638 Series AutoSwitch ADI3200
637 Series AutoSwitch GL ADI3208
636 Series AutoSwitch HF ADI3206
635 Series AutoSwitch HF ADI3206
634 Series AutoSwitch HF ADI3059
632 Series Pressure Differential ADI3223
4. Manifolds & Manifold Regulators
633 Series Duplex HF ADI3059
631 Series Simplex HF ADI3059
630 Series Cryogenic Manifold ADI3231
629 Series Micro Manifold ADI3228 ADI3221
628 Series Maniflex HF ADI3172
6700 Series Regulator ADI1608
5. Pipeline Regulator
6790 Series Pipeline Regulator ADI1608
6. Point of Use Equipment
6590 Series Pipeline Regulator ADI1608

700 Series - ADI2012

1600 Series - ADI1219

Station Outlet Valves N/A
Flow Adapters N/A
Station Drop Kits, Drops and Valves
Station Drops  
Station Valves  
Half-Inch Valves  
Oxygen/Fuel Flashback Arrestors  
7. Alarms
Advantium 8 Remote Alarm  
Advantium 2 Plus Remote Alarm ADI9510 ADI9511
Advantium 1 Plus Remote Alarm ADI9509 ADI9511
8. Accessories
Manifold Heater  
Manifold Floor Stands  
Tube Trailer Hoses  
Flexible Hoses  
High Pressure Flexible Hoses  
Liquid Cylinder Hoses  
IntrinSafe (Intrinsic Safety Barriers)  
Relief Valves  
9. Appendix
Pipe Size - Inches  
Acetylene and Pressure vs. Temperature  
Maximum Withdrawal Rate CFH 100 lb. Propane Cylinder  
Heating Tip Oxygen to Fuel Consumption Ratio  
Conversion Tables and Factors  

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