Carbon dioxide and laser gases require unique solutions for the gas equipment manufacturing industry. In addition to traditional high pressure, highly-durable equipment used in industrial gases, we provide maintenance of laboratory grade gas. Instead of trying to fit existing equipment to industrial gas or a specialized form of laser treatment at the expense of purity and yield, Concoa has created a complete line of gas delivery devices designed specifically for industrial lasers.


Product Instructions/ADIs
1. Preface and System Designs
Designing a Laser Gas Delivery System  
Table of Contents  
Resonator Gas System  
Beam Purge Gas System  
Assist Gas System  
Laser Welding Gas System  
2. Resonator Gas Supply
626 Series AutoSwitch  
625 Series Laser Gas Station ADI1608
624 Series Laser Gas Panel ADI2062
621 Series Automatic Laser Gas Switchover ADI3199
620 Series Laser Gas Switchover ADI3174
619 Series Switchover ADI3224
601 Series Regulator ADI3218
5230 Series Regulator (Single Stage • Brass Barstock Body • Five Ports) ADI1608
3. Assist Gas Supply
643 Series IntelliSwitch II
641 Series IntelliSwitch Switchover
639 Assist Gas System (High Pressure Primary • High Pressure Reserve) ADI3182
630 Series Cryogenic Manifold ADI3231
629 Series MicroManifold (Brass Barstock Body) ADI3221
628 Series Manifold (Brass Barstock Body) ADI3172
623 Gas Delivery System (Brass Barstock Body • Dome Loaded • Ultra High Flow) ADI3202
622 Gas Delivery System (Brass Barstock Body • Dome Loaded • High Flow) ADI3219
605 Gas Delivery System (Single-Stage • Brass Barstock Body • High Flow) ADI2062
603 Gas Delivery System (Line Regulator • Brass Barstock Body • High Flow) ADI2062
5260 Series Regulator (Single Stage • Chrome-Plated Forged Brass Body • Four Ports) ADI2062
4. Laser Welding Supply
652 Series BlendMaster 1000
636 Series AutoSwitch HF ADI3206
5270 Series Regulator ADI1608
5237 Point-of-Use Regulator ADI1608
Multi-Gas Analyzer N/A
5. Beam Purge Supply
Beam Purge Assembly ADI1608
6. Accessories
Particulate Filter Assembly ADI3205
Molecular Sieve Filter N/A
Purges ADI2105
Diaphragm Valves N/A
Relief Valves ADI9902
Advantium 8 Alarm ADI8824
Advantium 2 Plus Remote Alarm
Advantium 1 Plus Remote Alarm
AD2000 N/A
Tube Trailer Hoses N/A
Flexible Hoses N/A
High Pressure Flexible Hoses N/A
Liquid Cylinder Hoses N/A
Resonator Tubing N/A
Assist Gas Tubing N/A
Vaporizers N/A
Manifold Floor Stands N/A
Fittings and Adaptors N/A
Pipe Size - Inches  

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