High-tech medical systems Concoa are designed to deliver gas to saving lives, medical gases from one central location in an efficient manner ultimately reducing facility maintenance costs. Concoa Systems are designed to withstand high demands in hospitals, emergency rooms and other medical facilities. We also offer cryogenic plants, cryogenic valves. On the basis of the same engineering practices, as well as Prime Minister Concoa production line, all devices are mounted in the cabin sterile and tested to the highest quality standards. In addition, Concoa meets the standards of NFPA 99.


Product Instructions/ADIs
1. Preface
The Big Picture
CONCOA Capsule Technology
Color Coding
Web Server Technology
Level I & Level II Medical Pipeline Installation Table
2. Medical Gas Switchovers and Manifolds
570 Series Medical IntelliSwitch ADI 9504 | ADI 9512
571 Series Medical IntelliSwitch ADI 9505 | ADI 9513
573 Series Reserve System ADI 9507
579 Series Medical Micromanifold Headers ADI 0579
579 Series Medical Micromanifold Header Extension Kits ADI 0580
579 Series Medical Micromanifold Oxygen Pigtail and Check Valve Kit Coming Soon
526 Series Switchover ADI 3166
629 Series Micromanifold ADI 3221
Liquid Cylinder Hoses N/A
Tube Trailer Hoses N/A
3. Alarm Systems
Advantium RX Alarm ADI 9508
Drill Hole Template
Advantium 1 and 2 Plus Remote Systems Advantium 1:ADI 9509
Advantium 2:ADI 9510
Drill Hole Template
4. Medical Regulators
Mini-Med ADI 2051
Pediatric Flowgauge ADI 2051
Flowgauge ADI 2051
Flowmeter ADI 2051 | ADI 2111
Adjustable ADI 2051
Preset ADI 2051
Medical Air
Flowmeter ADI 2051 | ADI 2111
Flowgauge ADI 2051
Adjustable ADI 2051
Medical Air Preset ADI 2051
Nitrous Oxide
Adjustable ADI 2051
Preset ADI 2051
Multi-Use Medical Regulators
305 Series Single Stage ADI 2062
315 Series Single Stage ADI 2062
305/315 Inlet/Outlet Selection Chart N/A
Oxygen Flowmeters and Accessories
Oxygen Flowmeters ADI 2111
Oxygen Flowmeters Inlet and Outlet Adapters N/A
5. Oxygen Therapy Kits
Regulator and Compact Oxygen Respiratory Therapy Kits ADI 2051
Handi-Med Case ADI 2051
Handi-Med Tote ADI 2051
Handi-Med Cart ADI 2051

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